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Creative Leader + Graphic Artist + Design Thinker

Gina Morrison, BFA

With over 15 years of experience in graphic design, leadership, and technology solutions, Gina offers a wealth of creativity, skill, and an eye for aesthetics. Her designs aim to deliver compelling solutions that make a lasting impact.

Featured Skills

Remote Team Management

Facilitating Digital Collaboration

Agile Project Management

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With Design Thinking, Great Things Can Happen

Design thinking is more than just a buzz word.


Design thinking is a human-centered problem-solving approach that emphasizes empathy, collaboration, and creativity to create innovative solutions.


It involves understanding user needs, challenging assumptions, and iterating through the design process to achieve practical outcomes.


Experience + Services

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Creative Leadership

As a creative leader, my experience encompasses inspiring and managing both on-site and remote teams, driving innovation, and cultivating an environment that nurtures imaginative thinking. I have consistently fostered impactful outcomes that propel organizations towards growth and success.

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Graphic Design

My graphic design experience has both depth and breadth, with specialized experience in marketing, proposals, and federal government contracting. Expansive services include digital media (e.g. social media, website graphics), digital+print collateral (marketing slicks, white papers, briefings), infographics, presentation design, and much more.

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Training & Facilitation

With a diverse training and facilitation background, I have honed my skills in delivering engaging and effective sessions, especially for remote audiences. Leveraging digital tools and interactive techniques, I create collaborative and inclusive learning experiences that ensure participants are actively involved and retain essential knowledge.

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Digital Solutions

I specialize in assisting individuals and organizations in finding ideal digital solutions, encompassing Digital Collaboration tools, Content Management Systems, Intranet, and Knowledge Management systems. Through personalized consulting, I guide clients towards the best-fit solutions, streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration efficiency for seamless business operations.

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